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After many months of not-so hard work and laziness, I am almost complete the second animation!
Be READY to expect it finished some day this week or SOONER!

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If you POSSIBLY make it seem I am weak, I will have my mutant rabbit come over to your house and BITCH slap your sister till she PUKES SHIT.

NEW Animation is BOUND To Be Out Soon!


2010-07-10 12:26:19 by TommyMaxwellTheGreat

Welcome everybody!

I am most definitely a newcomer to NG, but I have most definitely been aware of it. I WILL be making animations really soon, and they will be one of my many ways of telling my tales and adventures that I've been through in my 3 year old life.

I hope you will enjoy yourselves here, as I most certainly don't enjoy you. But, nevertheless, somebody's got to save the world a few times right?